Garmin Registration

Registering a Garmin device has tons of advantages added to it. Customers who tend to spend some time in registering their Garmin devices shall constantly receive software updates and other kinds of product-related emails directly from Garmin itself. After completing the registration process on your Garmin Nuvi GPS device, you shall be recommended with tons of products and road maps that can run smoothly on your device and a chance to purchase various features from the Garmin Store with a discount provided aboard as well. The entire registration process can be only done using an internet connection. Make sure to find a personal computer or laptop that has been connected to USB tethered data or to a Wi-Fi router that has been hosting high-speed internet connection in the first place.mygarmin

Step to register Automotive, Sport & Fitness and Marine Category based Garmin products:

Step 1:

  1. Open up a web browser that you have been frequently making use of to access the internet
  2. Search for Mygarmin website, which has been created solely for registering Garmin products
  3. You can also type from the loaded web browser’s address bar to directly visit the product registering page

Step 2:

  1. Make a click upon the ‘Language’ section to load a drop-down menu
  2. Pick the language that you are comfortable to complete the registration process with
  3. In default, the language shall be selected as ‘English’

Step 3:

  1. From the showcased Garmin product category icons, choose the type of product that you are about to register
  2. Data card, Marine, MapSource, Aviation, Phones, Automotive, Sport and Outdoor, Fitness are the different categories from which you need to rightly select the Garmin device from
  3. For example, if you are registering a Garmin Nuvi GPS device, then select ‘Automotive’ category

Step 4: my garmin com registrar

  1. You need to download and install ‘Garmin Express’, a desktop application that can help in registering with a new or existing account and manage the device in one roof
  2. After selecting the right category, you will be prompted to download ‘Garmin Express’ as per the operating system that has been installed on your PC or laptop
  3. Select the appropriate link to download the installation file
  4. After the download process gets completed, open up the installation file and then follow the on-screen instructions to successfully install the Garmin Express application on your computer system
  5. Connect your Garmin device using the USB cable
  6. Open up the installed application, and wait for a minute to let it automatically detect the connected device
  7. Sign in to your existing myGarmin account or create a new one 

After signing in to your Garmin account, the product registration process shall get completed.

Steps to register Outdoor & Dogs Garmin Products:www garmin com express registration

You need the below-mentioned items to complete the registration process

  • Product Serial Number
  • Garmin Product
  • USB Cable
  • Garmin Communicator Plugin

Step 1:

  1. Open a web browser, and visit 
  2. Select the ‘Outdoor & Dogs’ category icon
  3. The browser shall get redirected to the ‘Getting Started’ page

Step 2:

  1. You need to log in using your existing myGarmin account or by creating a new one
  2. To create a new Garmin account, make a click upon the blue colored and underlined ‘Create One’ link button
  3. While creating a new myGarmin account, you must provide valid details like name, unique user name, password and e-mail address
  4. Make sure to read through the displayed ‘Terms and Conditions’ beforehand signing for a new account

Step 3:

  1. Get back to the ‘Getting Started’ page and then log in using your newly created myGarmin account
  2. In the next page, you will be asked to enter down the product serial number
  3. Based upon the Garmin product that you are about to register, the product serial number shall be located at various places
  4. Most of the Garmin GPS devices hold onto the serial number on the back part
  5. If you are not able to locate the serial number then make use of keywords like ‘Where is my Garmin device serial number located’ and search for the same using popular search engines like Bing or Google
  6. You can also click upon ‘Where is my serial number?’ link present in the ‘Getting Started’ page to easily locate the product serial number

Step 4:

  1. After entering down the correct product serial number, click upon the ‘Next’ button to complete the entire registration process

The registration process shall complete at this point if at all you are registering a Garmin device other than Garmin Nuvi.

Steps to install Garmin Nuvi GPS device online without downloading Garmin Express application:

To register an automotive Garmin Nuvi GPS device online, you need to download Garmin Communicator plugin at first

Step 1:

  1. Visit to download the Garmin Communicator plugin that can load at ease on your Mac or Windows installed personal computer or laptop
  2. This particular plugin is available for free and can be downloaded at any part of the day as well

Step 2:

  1. Connect the Nuvi model Garmin device to the laptop or computer using the provided USB cable that has been supplied along with the device
  2. Wait a minute to two, until the Communicator automatically detect the connected Garmin Nuvi GPS device
  3. Make sure the displayed device information is correct and then press upon the ‘Enter’ button

Step 3:

  1. You need to type in your myGarmin account password and user name at the right boxes
  2. After entering down the login credentials, click upon the ‘Next’ button to successfully register your Garmin device online
  3. The displayed ‘Registration Complete’ window shall even host upon the available updates that you can instantly download and install to your Garmin Nuvi GPS device.garmin nuvi

Benefits of registering your Garmin Product Online:

By registering your newly bought Garmin product, you are about to get accurate information related to road directions, street maps and the best possible ways to bypass traffic prone areas too. Garmin does release software updates frequently, and by registering the Garmin device, you are about to receive the update notification at the earliest time as possible. This way, you can instantly download and install the available software updates and start accessing the newly added features on-the-go.